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Our Partnerships
       We develop parnerships with service organizations, foundations, outreach programs and Orientation & Mobility instructors to develop hiking and other programs for the blind & visually impaired.  These programs are designed to give them the problem solving skills & confidence they will need to compete with their sighted counterparts in a world that is predominantly non adaptive.  Some of our volunteers are industry professionals.  Other sighted volunteers learn how to work with the blind by performing all the activities in which they will participate while blindfolded.  As a result, they gain a new understanding & respect for their counterparts.  Our blind participants get the opportunity to participate in events & activities not readily available to them.
        Team Farsight Foundation's first partnership was with the Boy Scouts (Troop 3) of Manchester, MA and the Perkins School for the Blind.  Begun in late 2013, we have had several overnight hiking & camping events thus far with exceptional results.  The partnership has exceeded all expectations, and as an ongoing program our numbers are growing.  
        In 2015, Team FarSight Foundation partnered with A Brighter Path Foundation to develop a Destination Adventure Camp for blind & visually impaired kids who want to step outside their comfort zone & push their limits in the back country.  This overnight camp is held at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in the NC mountains, & is for the adventurous camper (grades 7-12).  In addition to traditional camp life, campers can participate in trail hiking, climbing, high rope adventure, zip line, paddle boarding and kayaking.  All counselors are experienced with the blind or visually impaired & events are supervised by professional instructors.
        Since 2015, we have been proudly supporting Visually Impaired Field Day, a track & field event held in Asheville, NC.  This event is open to visually impaired & blind kids of all ages & skill levels.  Events include adaptive races, obstacle courses, beep ball, yoga, and a pizza lunch.  Families are encouraged to attend this fun day for kids and community for parents.
        Coming in summer 2017,we are looking forward to Adventure Camp H2O, which will be held at Camp Dogwood on the shores of Lake Norman, near Charlotte, NC.  This overnight camp is for the adventurous blind & visually impaired camper who wants to get wet.  We will be swimming, canoeing, kayaking, & water skiing.  The camp will have experienced, professional instructors & will be open to blind & visually impaired kids in grades 7-12.  Go to UPCOMING EVENTS for more information on this year's activities.

        Our programs are held in nature--the ultimate non adaptive environment.  Our goal is not to adapt the environment to meet the needs of the participants, but to provide them the skills needed to be able to adapt to their environment.  They receive only as much guidance as they require to safely step outside their comfort zone.
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Participants trying out their gear on a trail at an event in Manchester, MA.
Participants heading out for kayaking at Nantahala Outdoor Center with TFF Founder Trevor Thomas (with guide dog Tennille).